When are Guatapé celebrations held?

fiestas en guatapé antioquia

 Nothing beats a good party, right? And even better when this party has cultural stuff, sports, science, art,and much more. If you’re wondering which festival has all of this, well, Guatape’s annual Zocalos andReservoir Festivals are for you. 

To plan your trip, the first thing you’ll want to know is when the event will be held, so I’ll tell you that first.The Zocalo, Tourism and Reservoir Festivals are celebrated each year during the first week of October. Ifour calculations are correct, in 2023 it will be held from October 1st to the 8th. This place is magical and you´ll love to visit. 

The Zocalos and Reservoir Festivals are packed with a lot of activities starting from 9am.a to 10:00 p.m. you have the whole day and night to enjoy this amazing festives. 

 Business fairs, live singers, football matches, Zumba and aerobics classes are some of the main attractionsat these festivals. But there’s something even better, there are also activities for children and pets, so thewhole family can enjoy these activities. There is no excuse to miss this one. At this point, we are sure thedesire to visit Guatapé has grown during the Zocalos, tourism and reservoir celebrations that take placein the first week of October.  

How about the plan of enjoying the festivities in Guatapé while staying in Boato? There’s no better plan!    
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