The noise from the city, traffic jams, and the constant hurry of our day to day can overwhelm us, taking us away from what we are. Boato Hotel is a place designed to make you feel at home and provide a reconnection space with nature, your couple, family and most importantly yourself.

Arriving at Boato makes you understand that Guatape before being a water reserve is a place with an amazing natural sites and a huge diversity! In Boato Hotel we allow nature to takt take its natural course, that’s why you’ll find native, clean and well preserved natural environments for all of our guests.

Boato was born in the year 2020, during the Covid lockdown. After overcoming multiple challenges, we opened our doors in September of 2020! Allowing all of our guests to enjoy a little piece of paradise among nature, adventures, and memories that will last forever! Connecting each of us whit what is actually important in life!

Our lares

Double Suite Lar Aqua

Luxury Eco Lodge for up to 6 people, with private deck and water reserve view.

Delux Lar Aqua

Luxury Eco Lodge for couples, with a private deck and water reserve view.

Deluxe Lar Bosque

Luxury Eco Lodge with a view to the native Guatape Forest, access to the water front tiki bar and dock.