Top 5 things you MUST do in Guatapé

On many occasions, we want to get out of the routine, but we don’t want to get too far away from the city. Looking for this destination, we found Guatapé, just two hours away from Medellín, a town known for being the “Tourist Paradise of Antioquia”, because it offers many activities to give a twist to your routine and enjoy nature. 

But, by this point you may be asking yourself, what can I do in Guatapé? This is a question we get asked a lot and today we are going to answer it with the five activities that you must do in Guatapé to make your visit an unforgettable one.  

1. Stay at BOATO 

The first thing you must do in Guatapé is visit and stay at The Boato Hotel. It’s an incredible way to enjoy all the activities the dam has to offer. And it has an amazing location, just 10 minutes away from The Stone of El Peñol and 20 minutes again from Guatapé, our lars offer all the comforts of a 6-star hotel, surrounded by the nature of the area. 

2. Visit Guatapé 

Is it even possible to enjoy Guatapé without visiting the town? Also known as the “Town of Sockets”. Guatapé offers beautiful sightsees such as the street of umbrellas, where you’ll find a street adorned with colorful umbrellas, perfect for those who love taking pictures; memory street, a street that resembles the typical construction of Guatapé; the Zócalo Square, where you can enjoy the beautiful zócalos and have a coffee with friends or family. But there’s a plan that you can’t miss, walk along the boardwalk of Guatapé, which extends along the edge of the dam, and you can find restaurants or bars to spend an unforgettable moment. 

3. Climbing The Stone of El Peñol  

For sure, this is the most popular activity to do in Guatapé. With 740 steps to reach the top, it’s an activity that’ll take you to the limit, but it’ll be completely worth it! With an incredible view of the Guatapé Dam and the Antioquia’s landscape, you’ll be left breathless, literally! 

4. Tour in Pontoon by the dam 

By this point, you already know The Stone of El Peñol, so there’s left the Guatapé Dam. And there’s a better way to get to know it that taking a tour in a pontoon? Enjoy the music and the water up close. And best of all, this must-do activity in Guatapé is included with your stay at Boato and BubbleSky Glamping Guatapé. 

5. Water sports 

Hold on, not everything is calm and relax, we also have room for adrenaline. Another way to enjoy the Guatapé Dam is doing water sports, these will give you a different perspective of Guatapé. At Boato Hotel and BubbleSky Glamping, you can enjoy them, from kayaking or paddle boarding to the exciting jet ski. You just must choose the one that suits you better and have fun!